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Grid Security

Defense-In-Depth Cybersecurity

June 21, 2024
This strategy combines technology with best practice security management to create protective layers that reduce the risk of attacks and intrusions.



Overhead or Underground?

June 4, 2024
The debate continues surrounding the choice between overhead and underground T&D lines.
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Distributed Energy Resources

Unlocking the Power of Microgrids

June 19, 2024
Beyond the basic “what is” question, more questions arise for utilities and their relationships with them. What do microgrids mean for utilities? Are they the answers for climate...
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Smart Meters Alone Can’t Fix Our Problems: Why We Need a New Approach to Consumption Data

June 19, 2024
Whether capturing time-of-use data from the surging demand of new EV owners, understanding what the impact will be of heating electrification on both the electric and gas systems...
Electric Utility Operations

Faces of the Future of Line Work: Melissa Dawe

June 18, 2024
Melissa Dawe would like to be part of helping to train other line workers coming into the trade, and would like to see more women coming into the line work.

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