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Photo by Michael Simone, FortisAlberta

A 360-Degree Approach to Wildfires in Canada

April 16, 2024
FortisAlberta combines conventional and innovative approaches to manage wildfire risk in a diverse operating environment.



Line Life Podcasts

Jan. 18, 2024
Line Life podcast episodes air every Friday, covering everything and anything linework, available on podbean.
Photo by Idaho Power.

Collaboration and Community to Lower Wildfire Risk for Utilities

April 15, 2024
Idaho Power leverages public-private partnerships to reduce wildfire risk in southern Idaho.
Electric Utility Operations

Lineworker Focus: Nick Cummins

April 12, 2024
Nick Cummins, a son of a lineworker, has spent the last two decades in the line trade.

Enhancing Substation Security: Prioritize and Implement Best Practices

April 10, 2024
Over the last decade, heightened attention and substantial investments have been directed toward enhancing physical security, prompted by unfolding events, and the need to understand...

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Courtesy of NextEra Energy Resources. SRP and NextEra Energy Resources, LLC have officially commissioned a 100-megawatt (MW) battery energy storage system to store the energy produced by the operating Saint Solar Energy Center in Coolidge, Arizona.