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T&D World’s mission is to provide utility executives, managers, engineers, supervisors, operators and linemen with must-read information on the design, engineering, construction, operation and maintenance of the electric power-delivery system. This includes an in-depth understanding of transmission, distribution, substations, automation and power flow control. T&D World provides utilities with the insights and technologies to integrate distributed energy resources into the grid. T&D World also provides the insights and knowledge to help them reshape their organizations to meet structural challenges in an increasingly difficult business climate.

Content Team

Martha Davis, Senior Director of Content

Nikki Chandler, Associate Content Director

Gerry George, International Editor

Gene Wolf, Technical Writer

Amy Fischbach, Field Editor/Electric Utility Operations

Jim Dukart, Senior Editor/T&D How

Dave Shadle, Senior Editor/Grid Innovatoins

Susan Lakin, Art Director

Business Development Team

Mark Johnson, Managing Director

Angie Gates, Marketing Director

Brenda Roode, Audience Development