Proper design, construction and maintenance of our substations and the equipment contained within allows utilities to transport and delivery power at lowest reasonable costs.


Photo by Eversource.

A Utility’s Journey To SF6-Free Dead Tank Breakers

June 27, 2024
Eversource Energy successfully pilots an alternative circuit breaker to SF6, enabling it to transition toward a more environmentally sustainable transmission grid.

Temporary Substation Monitoring - A Flexible Approach To Security And Troubleshooting

May 1, 2024
Enhancing Substation Security and Operations With Temporary Monitoring
The Ameren Illinois Roxford substation. The infrastructure project included substation upgrades and new transmission structures. Photo by Ameren.

Unique Solutions Guide Infrastructure Upgrades

April 8, 2024
Ameren Transmission works with partner to replace a transmission tower and upgrade a substation, with a positive impact on the Diverse Supplier Program along the way.

Digital Substations: Intelligence Where It’s Needed

March 21, 2024
Technology is proving to be a fountain of youth for aging power grid assets.
Photo by Entergy.

Entergy Mississippi Completes New Substation to Boost Electric Reliability

March 11, 2024
The substation is a part of a $37 million project, which included building nearly two miles of new transmission lines.

VANQUISH - Non-Conductive Solutions

June 12, 2024
Infrastructure Boundaries Redefined!

Dubai’s New Substation Contributes to Reduction of CO2 Emissions

June 11, 2024
An innovative design model for other cities that went beyond conventional sustainability construction practices.

nVent to Acquire Trachte, Manufacturer of Control Buildings for Critical Infrastructure Assets

June 6, 2024
Trachte has an established history of providing control building solutions, and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin with more than 500 employees.
Con Edison

Con Edison Invests $2.3 Billion On Infrastructure Projects Across New York City and Westchester County

May 30, 2024
The projects will help deliver a reliable service during summers and improve the region’s transition from fossil fuels to renewables.