Energy Storage

Advancements in how renewables can be integrated into the grid with the use of utility-scale and commercial batteries.
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Courtesy of NextEra Energy Resources. SRP and NextEra Energy Resources, LLC have officially commissioned a 100-megawatt (MW) battery energy storage system to store the energy produced by the operating Saint Solar Energy Center in Coolidge, Arizona.
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Schematic cross-section of Ambri’s third generation liquid metal battery cell. Courtesy of Ambri
Energy Storage

The Latest on Battery Technologies for Energy Storage

Oct. 9, 2023
We have to keep up with the developments in technologies if we are going to have any chance combating climate change, but what a rewarding challenge.
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Electric vehicle charging station near an Alaska highway.
Energy Storage

EV Battery Strategies For Sub-Freezing Weather

July 19, 2023
With electric vehicles on the rise in Alaska, the University of Alaska Fairbanks investigates research questions on EVs in extreme cold temperatures.
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Battery storage may have started off as backup power, but it hasn’t stayed that way.
Energy Storage

Battery Storage Can Be Challenging

May 30, 2023
It’s getting harder to find any portion of the power grid that is not using AI.
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Energy Storage

Duke Energy Begins Operating Largest Battery System in North Carolina

April 3, 2023
The battery system will frequently be operated in conjunction with an adjacent 13-MW solar facility located on a leased site within Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, which has been...
Vistra Moss Landing Energy Storage Project
Moss Landing Energy Storage Project
Energy Storage

Recharging Technology

Nov. 14, 2022
Energy storage systems are becoming more widespread, and the market is still growing.
Energy Storage

ERCOT Unveils Energy Storage Resources Dashboard

Dec. 12, 2023
ERCOT plans to add a new Outages dashboard to reveal planned and forced real-time generation outages in mid-December.
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Energy Storage

Preparing for Net Zero: Harnessing Energy Storage’s Role in Achieving Decarbonization

Dec. 5, 2023
Improving economic viability, driven by cost reductions in advanced technologies like lithium-ion batteries, has helped make energy storage a financially attractive solution.
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Energy Storage

New Report Charts the Path to an American-Made Energy Storage Future

Nov. 29, 2023
The lithium-ion battery is the main form of energy storage for renewable energy and over the next decade, there will be a surge in global demand for it due to the unprecedented...
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Overhead Transmission

DOE Proposes Changes to Reduce Regulatory Hurdles for Energy Storage, Transmission, and Solar Projects

Nov. 29, 2023
DOE is taking these steps to reduce the cost and time for environmental analysis incurred by DOE, project developers, and the public for these projects.