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Photo by Rebecca Gustaf, Sandia National Laboratory.

Coding Better Microgrids

June 13, 2024
In the pursuit of a self-healing grid, scientists, engineers and utilities work together on tying grid assets together in more efficient ways.



Overhead or Underground?

June 4, 2024
The debate continues surrounding the choice between overhead and underground T&D lines.
Smart Utility

Elevating Utility-Scale Data: Using Generative AI to Enhance Grid Operations

June 12, 2024
This next generation of technology can meet utility planners where they are, but not leave them there.
Electric Utility Operations

Taking the Next Step in Your Utility Career

June 10, 2024
If you’re considering a consulting career after retirement, here’s what you should know.
Smart Utility

Energy Management’s New Frontier

June 7, 2024
The IRA is getting lots of attention because homeowners are an important element in decarbonization.

Courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.
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