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What Drivers are Pushing Utilities to Invest in Cyber Security?

What Drivers are Pushing Utilities to Invest in Cyber Security?

Wednesday September 28, 2016 2pm EST/11am PST 

Operational Excellence and Maturation NERC CIP Compliance Efforts

Our industry is undergoing a massive, multi-year, multi-billion-dollar effort to strengthen and protect critical infrastructure assets in response to NERC CIP compliance requirements.

NERC CIP compliance involves a dynamic, ever-changing landscape—in recent of months even the version of the standards to be implemented has changed from Version 5 to Version 6.  Join us for a lively update and discussion on the latest trends and tools as utilities evolve in how they respond to key questions, including:

  • How can utilities operationalize NERC CIP compliance, rather than "bolt it on," so they can use it as an opportunity for establishing a culture of operational excellence, rather than having employees view it as a burden?
  • How do you define what success should look like in your NERC CIP compliance efforts?
  • How do you establish a positive proactive CIP culture rather than a “mitigation and fine avoidance” one?

Find out the answers to these and other questions in this webinar, including:

  • How can your team and analysts best prioritize their efforts to minimize impacts of attempted intrusions rather than just “mechanically” addressing the “queue” of threats as they come in?
  • How do you actually measure ROI and scores of thwarting exploits and minimizing impacts?
  • How do you track your compliance using optimal tools across multiple databases, workflows, and workgroups?

Leidos will detail how savvy utility executives and operational decision-makers have been implementing a tool-driven, process-centric approach to NERC CIP compliance in order to improve upon and document their efforts to ensure protection of critical infrastructure while bringing the key controls and evidence required to demonstrate ongoing compliance. 

The Leidos presentation will be complemented by a high-level analysis by Peter Manos of T&D World, regarding the size and scale of NERC CIP compliance efforts and the associated substation and related critical assets, and key operational and personnel-related trends.

Moderated by T&D World


Leidos - Subject Matter Expert: Karl Perman, Industrial Defender

Transmission & Distribution World – Market Strategist / Industry Analyst: Peter Manos, T&D World

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