PLP Launches Line Monitoring Service

April 16, 2024
The Aeolus system measures and analyzes wind-induced conductor motion on overhead lines.

PLP, a company that develops infrastructure solutions for electric power systems, announced the launch of its Aeolus line monitoring service, a new platform for measuring and analyzing wind-induced conductor motion on overhead lines.

With the launch of Aeolus, PLP aims to empower line engineers and electric utilities to delve deeper into the mechanical behavior of overhead conductors and associated transmission line hardware like never before. Whether assessing newly installed damping systems or investigating line failures, engineers will now be able to gain valuable insights into the dynamic forces of real-world conductor motion in near real-time from anywhere in the world.

"We are excited about the possibilities that the Aeolus platform offers to system operators and line engineers," said Jean-Philippe Paradis, Aeolus Program Lead. "The system's modular design, next-generation sensors, and remotely accessed analytical dashboard now make it possible to transform any transmission line span into a full-scale testing environment. In addition to the direct benefits, we believe the data captured and technology behind this platform will soon help launch a new era of increased performance and reliability in motion control systems for overhead power lines."

The Aeolus system, aptly named after the "ruler of winds" in Greek mythology, uses multiple next-generation, lightweight sensor nodes that are installed on a transmission line span. Once operational, the nodes accurately detect and measure all forms of wind-induced conductor motion, including:

  • Aeolian vibration
  • Wake-induced oscillations
  • Galloping
  • Dynamic response to atmospheric icing

The data collected from these sensor nodes is transferred to a wireless data hub that seamlessly transmits the information to secure cloud servers. A web-based user interface provides clients with immediate access to a continuous stream of live data and analytics from anywhere in the world.

"PLP has long been a leader in analyzing the effects of wind-induced conductor motion and developing solutions that mitigate against its dynamic forces," said Ryan Ruhlman, president of PLP. "With Aeolus, our goal is to bring PLP's conductor motion expertise to the fingertips of every utility engineer and enable them to experience laboratory-like analytics with real-world infrastructure assets from the comfort of their home or office."

After successfully completing multiple field trails in the United States and Europe, Aeolus is officially launching for widespread commercial use this spring, with more than 20 projects currently planned for 2024.

The system will be on display at PLP's booth during the 2024 IEEE PES T&D Expo in Anaheim, California, and at multiple other industry events throughout the year.

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