Installation Techniques

Addressing the many improvements in cable installation, whether trenching, tunneling or horizontal boring.


Extensive use of directional drilling equipment helped to accelerate the effort to replace aging overhead lines with underground circuits.
Installation Techniques

Remote-Area Reliability at a Reasonable Cost

Aug. 6, 2021
WEC Energy Group replaces overhead lines with underground circuits, reducing outage minutes by 97% in remote areas of Northern Wisconsin.
Trenching Sled
Intelligent Undergrounding

Underwater Sled: JCP&L Replaces Transmission Line with New Trenching Method

Aug. 4, 2021
Special underwater trenching sled used for the first time to help bury the new transmission line.
Cable works underway in Shetland.

Shetland HVDC Link Project Onshore Cable Installation Now Underway

July 21, 2021
Work to install 10 km of underground cable marks a milestone for the 600-MW Shetland HVDC project.
Picture Of Tunnel Extension
Installation Techniques

Nontraditional Undergrounding: WEC Energy Group's Zoo Interchange Project

June 30, 2021
The Wisconsin Department of Transportation began a multiyear effort to increase capacity and improve the safety of the interchange. As a result, two of the electric transmission...
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Installation Techniques

Penelec to Rejuvenate Underground Cable to Help Enhance Service Reliability

May 17, 2021
Injection process will extend life of older underground electric lines in Erie neighborhood.
The motivation for use of cover-up materials is knowing what can happen when they are not used. In this case, a griffon vulture was electrocuted on a lattice steel distribution structure in southern Spain.
Overhead Transmission

Proper Retrofitting Protects Wildlife

May 24, 2017
The installation of cover-up material helps to prevent wildlife from conductor contact.
Photo courtesy of Air2
Stepping off a hovering helicopter to perform construction tasks is not the traditional method of building transmission lines, but it is proving to be highly cost effective and efficient.

Aeronautics Is a Game Changer

March 27, 2017
Utilities are using aerial applications to help improve their bottom line.
Colleen Murach, a Con Edison technical associate, removes an infrared camera from its packaging for an underground crew working on a Brooklyn street.
Smart Grid

Applying Infrared to the Underground System

Dec. 21, 2016
Con Edison uses infrared technology to enhance cable inspections, which result in a safer and more reliable network.
NV Energy is deploying smart grid sensors on remote distribution feeders to obtain accurate, real-time system information.

Situational Awareness Offers Grid Benefits

Dec. 20, 2016
NV Energy uses line sensors to improve distribution service reliability.