Conversation during a tour in one of the 50Hertz substations and switching stations.

AFRY Implements Cable Planning for SuedOstLink in Germany

March 18, 2024
The SuedOstLink is a key grid expansion project for expediting Germany’s energy transition.

First introduced in Germany's Federal Requirements Plan in 2013, the SuedOstLink’s planning for the HVDC (extra-high voltage direct current) connection has been in process since 2016. It is primarily designed as an underground cable stretching around 540 km from Wolmirstedt in Saxony-Anhalt to Landshut in Bavaria. Upon completion, the SuedOstLink will secure reliable transportation of electricity from the northern region of Germany, which is characterised by a growing number of wind power plants, to the southern part of the country.

The approval process is currently underway and the SuedOstLink is scheduled to go into operation in 2027.

The transmission system operator, 50Hertz, is the project developer for the northern section of the project and has chosen AFRY as trusted technical partner in this critical endeavour.

AFRY is responsible for cable planning project management in two of the three SuedOstLink sections under 50Hertz’s purview. AFRY’s role encompasses a broad spectrum, including civil engineering implementation planning with regard to all cable issues, site-specific cable planning including logistics, installation and construction scheduling, as well as final section length planning.

A critical aspect of the project’s management involves securing crossing agreements, a necessity when the SuedOstLink route intersects with other infrastructure. In addition, AFRY is in charge of supervising various inspection processes, assessing electromagnetic interference, and coordinating the entire interface with the approvals, stations and properties trades.

AFRY had previously supported 50Hertz during the tendering phase with the technical evaluation of the bids and approval planning for all route sections.

“We are proud to support this project and contribute to the clean energy transition in the region. The SuedOstLink is classified by the EU as a Project of Common Interest, as it is set to increase the security of the energy supply while supporting the advancement of renewables across Europe. We are delighted that 50Hertz has chosen us as its planning partner”, says Niels Hornig, Head of Transmission & Distribution in AFRY, Germany.

“The SuedOstLink is a demanding and highly complex project. Cable planning involves a particularly large number of interfaces with other specialist trades. AFRY supports us here as our trusted partner,” adds Thorben Müller, Project Manager Civil Engineering and Lines at 50Hertz, recognising AFRY’s key role and capability to deal with complex endeavours.  


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