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PSEG Execs Detail $800M+ Distribution Investment Plan

Sept. 28, 2021
The New Jersey company’s leaders are focusing more on EV infrastructure and being proactive when it comes to last-mile reliability.
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Fears of the Cloud Have Been Greatly Exaggerated – The Advantages of Cloud Computing for Remote Substation Monitoring

Oct. 7, 2022
Read this article to learn more about the advantages of cloud computing for remote substation monitoring.
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Leamington, Ontario (21747340466)
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Electricity Market Pilot Coming to Essex County to Support Ontario's Grid

April 14, 2022
This project will implement a near real-time, local electricity market for Essex Powerlines customers who can supply electricity or reduce electricity use on demand to support...
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Grid Intelligence System to Enable Autonomous Distributed Energy Systems

March 24, 2022
The new system is the first commercially viable BPL system based on the ITU standard G.hn protocol adopted by utility industry groups.
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Tech Firm in North America Helping West African Countries Improve Power Grid

Sept. 8, 2021
Awesense teams up with Arthur Energy Advisors to boost electricity distribution improvement projects in Ghana and Sierra Leone.
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Energy Industry Gets Cracking on New Challenges

March 8, 2019
The task is cut out for planners, engineers, operators and protection folks.
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Energy Storage

NYSEG and RG&E Test Energy Storage Technologies

Jan. 23, 2019
These initiatives will test electric distribution system benefits, new technologies, and the capability to store energy

Decarbonization in the Transportation Sector

Dec. 19, 2018
Is it prudent to put all of our eggs in the EV option?

Most Electricity Distribution Utilities Are Optimistic and Expect Earnings to Grow Beyond 2025

Nov. 15, 2018
The latest digital technologies will play a key role in transforming the core distribution business