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CMC 310

Three-Phase Test Set is for Protection and Measuring Equipment

OMICRON´s new CMC 310 three-phase test set for protection and measuring equipment is an economic solution for basic testing in the field. It is lightweight, compact, and designed for fast manual testing, focusing particularly on medium voltages in distribution networks, as well as applications in industry and the field of control technology. New ground was broken with this device, particularly with regard to the range of control choices, as well as the option to extend and upgrade the unit to a higher device class.

The CMC 310 is controlled via the CMControl unit, with all entries being made manually via the touchscreen and control wheel. The modular control unit offers flexible use options: Fitted to the testing device, operated as a hand-held unit, or attached to steel surfaces via magnetic force. In addition to this, the CMC 310 can be controlled using an Android Tablet via the CMControl P app, in which the entire functionality of the CMControl unit is represented. The demo app is available for free-of-charge download from the Google Play Store.

The CMC 310 testing device can be upgraded to a CMC 353 at any time, which releases additional functions and therefore allows an even broader range of potential applications. The unit can then also be controlled using the PC-based Test Universe software which thereby supports automated testing with predefined testing templates from the Protection Testing Library (PTL), use in IEC 61850 envi-ronments, as well as GPS or IRIG-B time-synchronized end-to-end testing. These upgrade options ensure that the CMC 310 offers excellent investment security.

CMC 310

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