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Handheld Oscilloscopes Feature Five Tools in One

AEMC Instruments has introduced its third generation of self-contained, hand-held, two and four-isolated-channel oscilloscopes (100MHz and 200MHz bandwidth models are available).

Featuring five complementary tools in one – an oscilloscope, FFT analyzer, 4-channel TRMS multimeter, harmonic analyzer and a recorder. The Model OX 7100 (100MHz) and OX7200 (200MHz) series oscilloscopes are rugged and ergonomic instruments that are suitable tools for both laboratory and field testing and troubleshooting. Full 12-bit resolution provides data analysis.

Ideal for field use, they use the patented, new system of “plug-and-play” accessories, isolated measurement channels and a range of remote management capabilities. The Ethernet link lets you remotely control the oscilloscope without loading any software on your PC.

The large 320 x 240 full-color LCD touc screen provides detailed graphical and alphanumerical representations of all measurements and also functions as a touch screen. The various “Windows-like” menus can be opened or pulled down and executed, using the convenient stylus. The stylus can also be used for direct action on graphic elements such as cursors, triggers, zooming, etc.

New features include:

  • Improved Web Server (FTP server/client) with cursors and automatic measurements
  • AmpFlex and MiniFlex sensors, powered by the instrument
  • (10Hz and 3MHz @ -3db bandwidth)
  • Power measurement option included for your power measurements


  • On-site contractor maintenance - industrial or electronic
  • “Internal” plant maintenance
  • Installations and start-up
  • Industrial process
  • Quality control
  • Research and laboratory - engineers or technicians

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