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Buckeye Power Deploys Telemetric Voltage Monitors

Buckeye Power, Inc., Columbus, Ohio, has deployed Telemetric’s TVM3 voltage monitors to detect and report delivery point outages from more than 330 delivery points on its system. In addition, Telemetric’s TVM3’s will provide power quality and power reliability measurement information to Buckeye Power operations personnel. All information is available to authorized Buckeye personnel and member cooperatives through a suite of secure web-based applications.

Buckeye Power selected the Telemetric TVM3 following field-testing at 12 delivery points to evaluate results. Field-testing confirmed the system would deliver the desired information and also provided valuable lessons-learned to facilitate the full deployment plan. The key benefits confirmed by Buckeye were:

  • automated power outage detection & reporting
  • power quality monitoring and reporting (momentary and over/undervoltage events)
  • ability to obtain IEEE Reliability Guideline 1366-2001 information (SAIDI, MAIFI & CAIDI)
  • all data viewable and downloadable via Telemetric’s powerful web-based applications
  • Buckeye member cooperatives are able to view the information for their delivery points
  • delivery point event notifications can be sent via e-mail, text messages and pagers to dispatch and operations personnel as well as member coops
  • TVM3 is simple to setup and install
  • all TVM3 configurations are remotely programmable

Telemetric TVM3 units include an internal multimode cellular radio providing true two-way communication. The multimode radios operate on the digital or analog cellular networks maximizing the area of cellular coverage. No license or local cellular account is required.

The TVM3 units communicate in three modes:

  1. By exception only when events occur, such as an outage or over voltage alarm
  2. User-defined time schedules, such as reporting RMS voltage by phase every four hours,
  3. Users may query the devices at anytime for current data

Buckeye Power engineers and operations personnel manage the TVM3 devices and view voltage information using Telemetric’s powerful, secure web-based tools. Custom alarms and notifications can be created to notify operations personnel of outage or power quality events immediately as they happen – via web, e-mail, phone or pager. Custom views and data import/export functions allow users to create specific reports or export the data to other applications. In addition to the web-based applications, information can be sent to a SCADA system via DNP 3.0 protocol using Telemetric’s SCADA-Xchange. Finally, a history log records all information requests, voltage data, alarms and communications between the TVM3’s and Web Server.

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