Self-Assessment Tool for Utility Outage Restoration Capabilities Released Through Open Source Agreement

Avineon, Inc. and Outage Restoration Management Software have released the Implementation Guide for the Outage Restoration Maturity Model (ORMM).

The utility industry identified the opportunity to establish a comprehensive framework focused on the measurement and sustainment of outage restoration capabilities. The ORMM was developed, and continues to be refined, by utility managers to assist utility companies with assessing, measuring, and sustaining the core processes of their restoration capabilities.

The ORMM organizes industry best practices into 45 focus areas and 160 business functions. It also provides standardized metrics such as a Capability Score (1-500) and Maturity Level (Defined, Managed, and Optimized) to quantify maturity assessments, conduct internal and external benchmarks, and plan continuous improvements. The new Implementation Guide provides detailed guidance for consistent utilization of the model and benchmarking across companies, service territories and operating divisions.

Karlu Rambhala, Avineon's President and CEO, stated, "The authors of the ORMM bring together decades of knowledge and expertise in preparing for and managing large emergency events. We sincerely thank them for their professional dedication to formalize the outage restoration practices into a model and make it available through an open source model for the benefit of utility companies, not to mention giving Avineon the opportunity to be a part of this important work. We expect the model to improve over time with growing adoption and feedback from utility companies."

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