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Saanich Peninsula Transmission Project Route Announced

After an extensive public consultation process, the BC Transmission Corp. (BCTC) has chosen a route for a new 2.4 km transmission line that will improve reliability and help meet the growing need for electricity in the Saanich peninsula, located north of Victoria, Britsh Columbia, Canada.

The new line will run:

  • east from Keating Substation via Duracme Road
  • north on Veyaness Road
  • west along Cunnane’s Lane and along the existing 230 kV transmission line
  • North along Willow Way to connect to existing transmission line on Wallace Drive

Construction is scheduled to begin in November 2009. The $2.8 million line is part of a $30.8-million project that will connect an upgraded Keating substation to the 230 kV transmission system ensuring future load growth can be met. The current 138-kV transmission system serving southern Vancouver Island is reaching its capacity due to increasing demand for electricity. The 138-kV system supplying Sidney Substation is also constrained.

BCTC held extensive meetings with the community to help make the decision on the route, including:

  • two meetings with the voluntary Community Advisory Group (comprised of a number of residents, business representatives, and special interest group representatives from the community)
  • two community workshops
  • presentation to the District of Central Saanich
  • several one-on-one meetings with property owners and stakeholders
  • an on-line Discussion Guide and Workbook to gather feedback from those who could not attend the sessions.

Compared to the other route options, the one chosen is shorter, costs less, has the fewest neighbouring properties and residences, and the smallest amount of new right-of-way that needs to be acquired. As well, because there is less traffic along the route, it has the lowest risk of damage to poles from vehicles. BC Transmission Corp. (BCTC) is the Crown corporation that is responsible for managing BC’s publicly owned electrical transmission system. It’s BCTC’s job to move electricity from where it is generated to communities where it is needed.

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