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Working with Tier 1 Utilities since 2013, answering their operational needs and learning the complexity of their challenges, Sharper Shape has developed a transformative way of looking at the automation of inspection – a holistic approach that adapts to each utility’s needs, existing processes and digitalisation efforts.

We see utility inspection as a holistic process of inspection automation, built with the most advanced technology.We believe in breaking internal utility and 3rd party provider data silos, and do that by removing the use of individual, disconnected solutions.

In this way, we empower utilities, giving them more control and better use of their data. The impact of such a process is noticeable across the utility, positively affecting safety, productivity, use of budget and more.

Designed and successfully used for the toughest utility challenges, our powerful, unified solution gives utilities sharper intelligence, to create a safer world.

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Electric Utility Operations

Software Now Available for Drone Service Providers to Inspect Overhead Lines

June 13, 2023
Companies can conduct drone inspections of transmission and distribution systems using new drone service provider management software.
Sharper Shape’s software utilizes data to allow operators to remotely inspect assets globally. Digital-first approaches can make processes safer and more efficient for T&D operators
Digitalization 1
Smart Utility

How Can Utilities Manage a Digitized Grid?

April 27, 2023
Meeting the growing pressures of integrating renewables, bad-actor security threats, and the challenges of extreme weather, such as wildfires, with digital twin technology - real...

Using AI Software to Mitigate Extreme Weather Threats

May 27, 2022
Extreme weather brings dramatic consequences for utilities’ risk management models.
Powerline Getty
Data Analytics

How Power-Line Data Is Key to Better Emergency Preparedness, Response

Oct. 22, 2020
Power-line inspection data may well become a cornerstone of utility disaster response in the years to come.