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Software Now Available for Drone Service Providers to Inspect Overhead Lines

June 13, 2023
Companies can conduct drone inspections of transmission and distribution systems using new drone service provider management software.

 Sharper Shape, which offers power-line management solutions for the utility industry, is launching drone service providers (DSP) management. The company recently announced a contract with the Volatus Aerospace group of companies.

DSP Management provides a digital platform (CORE) for drone service providers to coordinate, manage and deliver data collection projects in one place. The service is not limited to DSPs but also arborists and inspection companies that use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to inspect or work on utility transmission and distribution systems, such as power lines. CORE is available through a web browser or as an app, allowing it to be used remotely and in real-time in the field.

 “Sharper Shape has been known for its drone inspection services, but in recent years, it has been our Living Digital Twin data and analytics capabilities that have allowed us to stand out from the crowd," says Kristy McDermott, vice president, sales and commercial processes at Sharper Shape. "Naturally, we started offering our software solution to the utilities that we are working with, but it made sense to extend that offering to other UAV, arborist and inspection companies working in this space."

 CORE allows drone operators the capability to transform how it collects, displays and shares data with its customers. Typical pain points tend to include the planning and administrative processes associated with inspections, and the inconsistency of systems and software from spreadsheets to visualization tools, McDermott says. DSP CORE eliminates these issues while offering a user interface that translates data, giving utilities a clearer, real-time view of their asset

 The Volatus Aerospace group, a provider of drone solutions, has become the first to partner with Sharper Shape for its DSP Management software. Volatus Aerospace provides infrastructure inspection, mapping and modeling services, and has leveraged this expertise into the key sectors of industrial inspection, precision agriculture, public safety, drone cargo logistics and security and defense.

 "As pioneers in the field of transmission and distribution line UAV inspections, we recognize the pivotal role of strategic partnerships with forward-thinking solution providers in propelling our continued growth," says Frank Segarra, CEO of Volatus Aerospace US subsidiary ConnexiCore. 

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