Linemen stay safe in the field by adhering to OSHA regulations, participating in field training programs, and wearing required fall protection and personal protective equipment.


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T&D Talk, Episode 4: Maximizing FR Protection for Your Field Workforce

Sept. 6, 2023
Derek Sang of Bulwark FR shares strategies for lineworkers to get maximum protection from FR clothing through proper selection, care, maintenance and use.
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Safety and Training

Can We Improve Safety for Utility Workers?

Sept. 14, 2022
It is still chilling to realize that a person died every 111 minutes in 2020 from a work-related injury.
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Lineman's Rodeo Safety Conference Speaker Offers Free Podcast Episodes

Nov. 18, 2021
Dr. Rich Gasaway, who spoke at the safety conference two years ago, is presenting his Situational Awareness Matters show.
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Electric Utility Operations

Products Keep Linemen Hydrated on the Job

Oct. 6, 2021
The company's Drinkable PPE offers a complete hydration solution for the field workforce.
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Electric Utility Operations

Will the Pandemic Years Prove to be Safer for Utility Workers?

Sept. 28, 2021
Thankfully, the power industry has a strong record of monitoring workplace safety and striving for improvement.
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Power Line Repair is One of America’s Most Dangerous Jobs. Here’s How Tech is Making it Safer

Aug. 24, 2023
The industry at large is seeing a revolution in how it repairs power lines—the kind of rapid progress that hasn’t happened since the immediate aftermath of the Northeast Blackout...
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Electric Utility Operations

National Safety Apparel Buys Rauckman Utility Products

July 10, 2023
This acquisition strengthens NSA’s commitment to expand into the electrical products market.
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Electric Utility Operations

Hastings Non-Contact Voltage Tester Improves Safety for Line Workers

May 16, 2023
This live tester, non-contact voltage detector uses static discriminator and provides reliable detection on low voltage ranges, meaning no more false alarms.
Fifteen DMACC students enrolled in the first Electric Utility course session offered using the digital training materials, and the class size will double in the fall of 2023.
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Augmented Reality Training in Line Work

May 15, 2023
MidAmerican Energy partners with community college to launch augmented reality training.