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GIS and Mobile Data Companies Form Alliance

Azteca Systems, Inc., a provider of GIS-centric management solutions, and CartoPac Field Solutions, provider of mobile field data solutions, announced an alliance to promote the compatibility of the CartoPac and Cityworks software products.

CartoPac’s GPS-enabled field solutions can easily be used to collect asset and infrastructure data from the geodatabase, which is immediately accessible to Cityworks asset and maintenance management. These mutually complementary solutions allow customers in municipal public works, utilities, oil & gas companies, and others interested in streamlining field data collection, to instantly access GIS data and field solutions without expensive integration, risky synchronization, or multiple, linked databases.

Both GIS-centered products, Cityworks and CartoPac operate alongside each other, offering a combined solution without needing a special interface or integration. CartoPac Mobile tools collect asset and infrastructure data, with or without GPS, while enforcing business rules within the Cityworks geodatabase, thus giving customers the advantage of managing assets that can be used in both systems. At the same time, the work order and asset management tools in Cityworks can be leveraged into the field using the CartoPac Mobile software. The combination of the products allow users to streamline workflow of field data collection and spatially enabled work management, increasing efficiency in both the office and field, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

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