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Oncor Launches ‘My Oncor Alerts’

May 25, 2017
Solution keeps Oncor customers 'In the Know'

This month, just in time for the Texas storm season, Oncor launched a new campaign to keep all of its customers more informed.

As described on the Oncor website’s news page, “My Oncor Alerts” is a fully customizable program that allows customers to get a text, email or phone call with updates from Oncor in English and Spanish. Customers can learn when their power is out and even when it might be back on with My Oncor Alerts.

Oncor’s 30-second long TV commercial, titled “Dinner,” (below) sets a great example of how to position outage management favorably from a utility customer’s perspective.

During the commercial, the utility’s crew completes a downed-tree-related distribution transformer replacement in a timely fashion during a raging storm, while the unconcerned customer receives two texts: First, an initial outage notification, then at the end of the ad, a subsequent completion of work notification. All the while the couple continues to happily enjoy their night out, having dinner at a nice restaurant.

With the tag line “My Oncor Alerts is bringing a little convenience to an inconvenience,” Oncor has positioned the emphasis positively on “management” rather than negatively on “outage.” Oncor’s announcement about its Oncor Alerts program is available at this link.

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