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Photo by Lincoln Electric System.
Distributed Energy Resources

Microgrid Fuels Nebraska Capital in Public Power Tradition

Jan. 10, 2024
Nebraska is the only 100% public power state in the US, and Lincoln Electric pushes that tradition into 2024 with its microgrid project.

SDG&E and Sumitomo Electric Complete Zero-Emissions Microgrid Pilot Project

Feb. 3, 2022
Project successfully powered utility customers solely with energy stored in a flow battery.
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More Communities Now Eligible to Pursue Microgrids in PG&E Territory

Dec. 1, 2021
California Public Utilities Commission approves PG&E’s proposal to expand eligibility requirements for community-proposed microgrids.
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PG&E Launches Microgrid Program with $79 Million in Funding

Oct. 17, 2023
This microgrid incentive program outlines available incentives and allowances, including details on eligibility, how to apply for funding, and the process for developing a community...
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Distributed Energy Resources

Microgridation Is Changing The Power Grid

Aug. 28, 2023
Is decentralization the answer to extreme weather events fueled by global climate change?
Evan Gray stands in the hydrogen storage facility of the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre on the Griffith University’s Nathan campus in Brisbane, Australia.Photo by Amanda Byrd.
Evan Gray stands in the hydrogen storage facility of the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre on the Griffith University’s Nathan campus in Brisbane, Australia.
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Chattanooga EPB Microgrid Serves Emergency Response Center

May 2, 2023
A microgrid at the Chattanooga police and fire administrative headquarters provides continuity and ensures a swift response in emergencies.
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Australia And Alaska: Microgrid Leaders

April 19, 2023
What utilities can learn from two wildly different markets and their similarities in integrating distributed energy resources in remote communities.
Duke Energy
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Distributed Energy Resources

Did Duke Energy Just Change the Game for Community Microgrids?

March 10, 2023
In Hot Springs, North Carolina, the utility took a significant step in advancing community microgrids that rely on no fossil fuel resources.
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Duke Energy Plans Microgrid-Integrated Fleet Electrification Center in North Carolina

Feb. 23, 2023
The center will be powered by 100% carbon-free resources through the microgrid located at Mount Holly, or it can be connected to the Duke Energy grid, charging from the bulk electric...