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  • August 2023

    SMUD COO Discusses Grid Transformation
    50940348 © Kostia Osypov | Dreamstime.com
    It is hard to ignore extreme weather events and natural disasters — and their effect on power delivery to customers in many regions.
    Test and Measurement

    Intelligent Line Sensing for Reliability

    Sept. 20, 2023
    Savings associated with reductions in customer minutes interrupted and O&M costs more than offset the price of intelligent line sensors.
    Photo 213336573 © Emmanuelle Firman | Dreamstime.com
    Dreamstime M 213336573
    Disaster Response

    Failure is Not an Option for Stressed Power Grids

    Aug. 10, 2023
    Climate challenges and maintaining reliability now and in the future are the focus at T&D World Live.
    Photo courtesy of ewz.
    High voltage cables have to be prepared for future power flows and changing demands.
    Grid Innovations

    Switzerland's Largest City Plans 2050 Target Grid

    Aug. 9, 2023
    Switzerland’s ewz uses data, calculations and simulations to define cable requirements and start developing its 150-kV grid of the future.
    An SCE crew responds to a transformer repair in Lomita during the storm.
    Electric Utility Operations

    Southern California Edison's Storm Strategies for Power Restoration

    Aug. 2, 2023
    Southern California Edison shares its story on how it restored power swiftly and safely following back-to-back storms.
    Photo by OG&E.
    Chemical side-trim applications help OG&E control incompatible trees and brush species without causing harm to desirable vegetation, including beneficial grasses and forbs.
    Vegetation Management

    IVM: A Blueprint for Continuous Improvement

    Aug. 1, 2023
    OG&E has enhanced service reliability, cost efficiency and sustainability through IVM—and there’s still room to grow.

    More content from August 2023

    Photo courtesy of Eolian, L.P.
    Aerial photographs of Eolian, L.P.’s Madero & Ignacio battery energy storage facility, a 200 MW/2.5+ hour duration storage system in Texas. Eolian is the developer of PGE’s Seaside battery energy storage system, one of the large-scale storage projects recently procured by PGE.
    Distributed Energy Resources

    Portland General Electric Bolsters Reliability with Battery Energy Storage Systems

    July 28, 2023
    Portland General Electric uses battery energy storage systems in its portfolio to balance clean energy with reliability and affordability for customers.
    (Left) Enclosure for FCCP device. BGE started piloting this solution in August 2022 at a substation with only one dc supply. (Right) A newly installed Multitel box. The FCCP device has a clamp-on current transformer (CT) that can be installed on one wire of the battery dc supply charger cable. Photos courtesy of Baltimore Gas & Electric.

    BGE's Open-Circuit Detection Protects Substations

    July 27, 2023
    BGE reviews several alternatives for a battery open-circuit monitoring device to protect from a dc supply single point of failure.
    McDermott at a groundbreaking ceremony at SMUD’s Rancho Seco Solar Project. Photo courtesy of SMUD.
    McDermott at a groundbreaking ceremony at SMUD’s Rancho Seco Solar Project. Photo courtesy of SMUD.
    Grid Innovations

    SMUD Navigates the Energy Transition

    July 26, 2023
    COO Frankie McDermott discusses SMUD’s efforts to address the industry’s ‘greatest challenges.’ SMUD is the host utility for the T&D World Conference & Exhibition, and McDermott...
    Gene Wolf
    Remote wind farm.
    Overhead Transmission

    Transmission Lines With A Different Twist

    July 24, 2023
    There’s no shortage of challenges when it comes to harvesting renewable energy.
    Indy Autonomous Challenge
    PoliMOVE passes TUM in the final pass of the competition at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.
    Smart Utility

    Technology’s Edge in the Energy Industry

    July 20, 2023
    The racetrack has demonstrated that it’s the toughest test site available when it comes to new applications, but those that prove themselves improve the overall product.