Hurricanes 2017

Electric utilities respond to Harvey, Irma and Maria, working to restore power after high winds and flooding cause destruction to the grid.


New York Power Authority
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Puerto Rico May Get $2 Billion for Power Grid, Governor Says

Feb. 8, 2018
U.S. House and Senate leadership have agreed to allocate more than $6.8 billion of disaster relief aid
Edison Electric Institute
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Southern Company/Twitter
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Duke Energy
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Duke Energy Florida Will Not Increase Rates to Recover Hurricane Irma Costs

Jan. 24, 2018
Customers will directly benefit from the new federal tax law
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FPL to Apply Federal Tax Savings Toward $1.3 Billion Cost of Hurricane Irma

Jan. 17, 2018
FPL may be able to use future federal tax savings to continue operating under the current base rate agreement beyond the initial term
James Dukart
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Duke Energy Florida Seeks Storm Cost Recovery for Hurricane Irma

Jan. 4, 2018
Duke Energy restored power to more than 75 percent of customers in just three days and 99 percent within eight days
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Puerto Rico Faces Extensive Damage After Hurricane Maria
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Whitefish Energy Completes Work In Puerto Rico

Dec. 7, 2017
Whitefish Energy has completed the projects to make important transmission line and electrical grid repairs in Puerto Rico.
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Fluor Completes High Priority Power Line in Puerto Rico

Dec. 6, 2017
Fluor Corp. confirmed last month that the company, working under its contract with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (
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NY Governor Sends 72 More Utility Workers to Puerto Rico for Hurricane Recovery

Nov. 29, 2017
Deployments This Week Coincide with Arrival of New York Utility Equipment and Vehicles in San Juan