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Condux Tesmec The Next Generation of Stringing Equipment For the Transmission and Distribution Industry


145 Kingswood Drive, Suite 1
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Mankato, MN 56002-0668
United States of America

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Condux Tesmec The Next Generation of Stringing Equipment For the Transmission and Distribution Industry Condux Tesmec, Inc., Mankato, Minn., offers the most advanced and comprehensive line of stringing equipment in the world. Condux Tesmec’s hydraulic pullers, tensioners, puller-tensioners and stringing blocks represents the safest and most reliable equipment in the power transmission and distribution industry. The Condux Tesmec products allow utilities and utility contractors to improve productivity and efficiency while limiting downtime and improving jobsite safety. Pullers, tensioners and puller-tensioners have the ability to interface and work together through passive and active electronic controls. Multiple pullers and puller-tensioners can be linked together and controlled from a centralized location. NEW Electric Overhead/Underground Puller The Condux Tesmec PES500 joins the PE1250 in the Condux Tesmec all-electric puller lineup. The PES500 offers 5000 lbs max pull and for overhead and underground operations. With electric motors, both units eliminate the need for hydraulic components such as hydraulic motors, pumps and valves. Silent operation makes them ideal for almost any location, while the electric power system generates zero emissions. Both the PE1250 and the PES500 offer an advanced user interface and remote control. Condux Tesmec’s Continuous Line Puller (CLP) eliminates the need for placing old conductor on reels by effectively cutting the used conductor into small manageable pieces that are easy to transport and ready to recycle. Condux Tesmec also offers a comprehensive line of productivity enhancing equipment accessories, including 2-3 bundled conductor helicopter blocks, anti-twist rope, reel winders, reel stands and more.

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Tools and Technologies

Condux Tesmec Introduces Self-Contained Reconductoring Equipment

May 1, 2020
The Continuous Line Puller features a radio remote control and new digital user interface.
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Electric Utility Operations

Hydraulic Puller-Tensioner Limits Downtime, Improves Productivity

June 25, 2019
Condux Tesmec's line of puller-tensioners help workers to improve their efficiency on the job site.
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Electric Utility Operations

Flame-Retardant Protective Apparel

Sept. 13, 2017
The new line protects utility workers by absorbing moisture 7x faster than traditional FR cotton
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Overhead Transmission

Condux Tesmec Helicopter Blocks Now Available In Two Sizes

March 27, 2014
Condux Tesmec 2-3 bundled conductor helicopter blocks are now available in 24- and 32-inch diameters.
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Stringing Equipment

March 17, 2014
Condux Tesmec’s comprehensive line of stringing equipment represents safe and reliable equipment in the power transmission and distribution industry.