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Wildfire Risk Mitigation

April 14, 2021
Explore this wildfire risk management ebook, which focuses on powerline-initiated wildfires. This eBook covers fire retardants, vegetation management and various technologies used by utilities.

From T&D World Senior Content Director, Martha Davis. Wildfire risk mitigation is a complex and never-ending challenge for electric utility companies, especially in areas of the Western United States. This e-book is a compilation of several resources which will provide useful and practical information to assist utility personnel in addressing these risks. We discuss various tools and practices available to help minimize the occurrence of power equipment caused fires and to help utilities protect their equipment from wildfires.

What's inside:

  • Fire Risk Mitigation is a Never-Ending Challenge for Utilities
  • Risk Trees & Wildfire Risk
  • Utilities Can Mitigate Fire Damage with Long-Term Retardant
  • In the Heat of the Blaze: WAPA Powers Local Communities
  • Overhead Lines Under Extreme Heat Resulting From Wildfires

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