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Hydro One Takes Action To Protect Grid From Forest Fires in Ontario

July 25, 2023
The company will consider taking additional actions as active fires across Ontario pose increased threat to electricity infrastructure.

Hydro One has announced that it might temporarily disconnect power in case of a fire threat to nearby stations, towers or poles to protect the safety of nearby communities and minimize damage to the electricity system in Ontario.

The company automatically waives all connection and delivery fees in case of power disconnection due to forest fires to support affected customers. The company will consider installing sprinkler systems at stations, wrapping critical poles in fire retardant mesh, create fire breaks and clear additional trees or brush in case of a forest fire affecting any critical infrastructure.

"While there is no imminent threat to our system, this is an ongoing issue that we are monitoring very closely and taking proactive measures to safeguard our infrastructure," said Teri French, Executive Vice President, Operations and Customer Experience, Hydro One. "We support customers and communities affected by forest fires during these challenging times and are committed to standing with them."

Hydro One activates its emergency management structure and works with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry and the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre along with key local infrastructure partners to protect its employees and infrastructure for safe, reliable power to communities at risk.

The company is also reviewing work practices to be compliant with any local emergency orders and ensuring safety of its employees. Addressing the risk of forest fires to its system, the company ensures there are safe distances between electricity lines and tree limbs or brush.

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