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Companies Join Forces to Create and Test Fire Detection Systems on Power Poles

April 13, 2021
Salt River Project is working with SmokeD on an AI-powered product to help prevent wildfires.

SmokeD has entered into cooperation with Salt River Project (SRP) – one of the largest energy providers in the state of Arizona. The companies joined forces to create and test fire detection systems. The detectors installed on power poles will not only detect smoke and flames, but also monitor the condition of the power line.

SmokeD will provide Arizona with its flagship product – an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered early fire detection system. The detectors will be installed on constructions supporting the power lines, thus letting the AI monitor any incidents concerning the power line itself. They are also providing 24/7 surveillance over a given area, searching for any traces of smoke or fire. Should they detect a threat, they will automatically notify the app users by sending them precise coordinates of the wildfire. Thanks to the partnership with SRP, the system will be equipped with additional features letting it detect any possible threats resulting from power line stability issues, as well as trees which might dangerously skew at the power line.

“Power companies are forced to deal with multiple fire-related issues, especially in the United States. It is not uncommon for a failure of a power line to lead to a fire. Such power line can be easily damaged by strong wind. That creates sparks which in turn could ignite a fire. In recent years, some energy companies have found out about this and have had to pay huge compensation payments.”, says Artur Matuszczak, CEO of SmokeD. “Thanks to our partnership with Salt River Project, we can prove that fire detectors can also be installed on utility structures. As an additional benefit, the company receives a tool that monitors their infrastructure,” he adds.

The infrastructure monitoring feature uses AI-powered technology. Detectors will be able to report changes to the facilities, such as trees into the line, structure failure or downed conductor. As a result, the user receives early notification with an image to go along with their existing monitoring tools. With the additional imagery and location data, the crews are able to respond and make more timely repairs.

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