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New Pole Fire Research

Jan. 21, 2021
This video discusses recent research about pole fires and findings related to mitigation strategies and innovative technologies.

Right now, there are several pole fires burning at electric utilities across North America and no one realizes it because most of the ignition process is invisible. The actual combustion process is hidden inside the equipment or across the surface of the poles themselves. 

In 2019, Exacter collaborated with the CIGRE Wildfire Mitigation Working Group to perform what CIGRE believes to be the most extensive survey of electric utilities on pole fire causation. The motivation of this study was to provide electric utilities a new body of research on pole fire root causes, drive new technologies and mitigation strategies, and ultimately create more effective solutions to identify the combustion process long before the first spark hits the ground.

As part of this research process, the team reviewed two years of pole fire headlines, chronicled 235 incidents, and gathered additional data on causation. This video shares the research data on the nature and prevalence of utility pole fires. It also addresses some of the related discussions and frustration that has recently permeated the electric utility industry.

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John Lauletta, CEO Exacter, Inc. 

This video was sponsored by Exacter as part of the T&D World Wildfire & Risk Mitigation Conference in December 2020.

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