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PowerGrid - A Computation Engine for Large-Scale Electric Networks

This Final Report discusses work on an approach for analog emulation of large scale power systems using Analog Behavioral Models (ABMs) and analog devices in PSpice design environment. ABMs are models based on sets of mathematical equations or transfer functions describing the behavior of a circuit element or an analog building block. The ABM concept provides an efficient strategy for feasibility analysis, quick insight of developing top-down design methodology of large systems and model verification prior to full structural design and implementation.

Analog emulation in this report uses an electric circuit equivalent of mathematical equations and scaled relationships that describe the states and behavior of a real power system to create its solution trajectory. The speed of analog solutions is as quick as the responses of the circuit itself. Emulation therefore is the representation of desired physical characteristics of a real life object using an electric circuit equivalent. The circuit equivalent has within it, the model of a real system as well as the method of solution.

This report presents a methodology of the core computation through development of ABMs for generators, transmission lines and loads. Results of ABMs used for the case of 3, 6, and 14 bus power systems are presented and compared with industrial grade numerical simulators for validation....(read more...)

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