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AEP Ohio Announces $29 Million Transmission Improvement Plan

The Barnesville Area Improvement Project involves rebuilding and upgrading approximately 32 miles of existing power lines.

AEP Ohio plans to invest $29 million to upgrade its electric transmission infrastructure in eastern Ohio.

The Barnesville Area Improvement Project involves rebuilding and upgrading approximately 32 miles of existing power lines. The project traverses Marion and Beaver townships in Noble County, Millwood Township in Guernsey County, and Warren, Goshen and Smith townships in Belmont County. The last major reinforcement in this area was done more than 60 years ago.

The existing 69-kV facilities were built in the 1940s. These will be replaced with 138-kV lines and structures that are somewhat taller and of heavier construction. This will allow the lines to carry more current. Routing and construction details will be determined after additional field work is done. The company anticipates completion of this project in 2019.

The Barnesville Area Improvement Project will help ensure the continued reliability of the transmission system, which is vital not only to AEP Ohio’s current customers but also to support the development of the area’s economy.

“This investment demonstrates the continued long-term commitment AEP Ohio and AEP have to eastern Ohio,” said Selwyn Dias, AEP Ohio vice president of distribution operations. “Upgrading our transmission system is essential to ensure that we will continue to provide reliable power to households, businesses and industries in our area – not just tomorrow but far into the future.”

As part of being a good neighbor, AEP Ohio will engage residents affected by the project to explain the need, review options and gather feedback. The company plans to talk with property owners starting as soon as next month. The company will also host a few public information open houses next year.

AEP Ohio is doing the Barnesville Area Improvement Project in conjunction with AEP Ohio Transmission Company, a transmission-only company that finances, develops, constructs, owns and operates transmissions assets in the AEP Ohio service territory.

AEP Ohio provides electricity to nearly 1.5 million customers of major AEP Subsidiary Ohio Power Company in Ohio.  AEP Ohio is based in Gahanna, Ohio, and is a unit of American Electric Power.

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