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Test Set Takes the Complexity Out of Cable Fault Location

Test Set Takes the Complexity Out of Cable Fault Location

Specifically developed to meet the need for a safe, efficient, easy-to-use and competitively priced test set for identifying, pre-locating and pinpointing power cable faults, the new Smart Thump ST16 from Megger combines a novel and intuitive user interface and a high level of automation with an extensive range of safety features and built-in intelligence that automatically interprets test results.

The Smart Thump ST16 is primarily designed for locating cable faults on low- and medium-voltage distribution networks with system voltages up to 35 kV. It is ideally suited for use on PVC PILC and XLPE cables with cross-sectional areas from 16 mm2 to 500 mm2 and lengths from around 100 m to 5 km. Typical users include power utility companies, LV street lighting providers, private network operators, airports, ports, military bases, large industrial organisations and high-voltage electrical contractors.

The key components of the Smart Thump ST16 are an impulse generator with an output of up to 1,500 J of 0-8 kV or 0-16 kV and a high-performance time domain reflectometer. These are complemented by a unique user interface with “turn-and-click” rotary pushbutton operation that lets the user automatically proof test, pre-locate and pinpoint faults. No adjustments or settings are required and, at every stage, the test set suggests the next logical step in the test sequence.

The test set sets the surge voltage automatically to minimise the stress on the cable, and also performs safety checks to protect the user from the risks associated with incorrect or faulty earth connections. After the initial test sequence has been completed, in-built intelligence interprets the results and presents them in a readily understandable format.

Because of the high level of automation provided by Megger’s new Smart Thump ST 16, users require far less training to achieve successful results than is needed with conventional cable fault location equipment. This makes the Smart Thump ST 16 a particularly attractive choice for applications where operators do not perform cable fault location on a regular basis.

Experienced users can, however, opt to work with the test set’s expert mode when necessary, rather than relying on the automatic features. This mode gives access to 20 individual TDR parameters, allowing the user to take full advantage of the test set’s extensive fault locating capabilities, even when working in difficult conditions.

The Smart Thump ST16 is suitable for operation indoors or outdoors, even in wet conditions, and it can be powered either from a mains supply or from its own internal rechargeable battery. It features a compact yet rugged design and is normally supplied fitted with heavy-duty wheels that make it easy to move around. A truck-mount version, intended for permanent installation in a vehicle, is also available.

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