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SEL Adds Advanced Event Analysis to SYNCHROWAVE 2015 Software

SEL Adds Advanced Event Analysis to SYNCHROWAVE 2015 Software

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has released version 1.1 of its new protective relay event analysis software, synchroWAVe Event 2015.

This visualization and analysis tool delivers a modern, powerful, and intuitive interface for post event analysis. Significant new features include traveling wave fault location analysis, adaptive distance element analysis (including the mho characteristic), and configurable workspace layout templates.

The SEL-411L Advanced Line Differential Protection, Automation, and Control System captures traveling wave data during faults. With these data, synchroWAVe Event 2015 can display Bewley lattice diagrams and correlate detected wave pulses with expected reflections to enhance fault location and refine wave propagation speed constants.

synchroWAVe Event 2015 also offers an integrated mho circle diagram, which enables engineers to visualize distance element characteristics and apparent impedance throughout the event. The software supports COMTRADE and SEL file formats, so users can quickly load new event reports or add an event report to their current analysis session.

To download a free 60-day trial of synchroWAVe Event 2015 version 1.1 or for more information on its features, benefits, and applications, visit www.selinc.com/p220. Individuals who have previously downloaded the software will have their trial extended to 60 days.



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