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Insulation Condition Monitoring for Transformers

OMICRON's new MONTRANO online monitoring system continuously assesses the dielectric health of bushings and power transformers while in service.  The system uniquely records changes in capacitance, dissipation/power factor, partial discharges and transient over-voltages. These are the primary dielectric indicators of insulation breakdown in bushings and transformers, which can lead to failure and expensive outages. Trend data enables reliable risk assessment to plan corrective action early to extend service life. 

MONTRANO monitors bushing capacitance and dissipation/power factor with a high level of accuracy comparable to offline laboratory tests. It achieves this by using absolute measurement references in the field. Additionally, MONTRANO employs advanced noise separation techniques for reliable PD source recognition in bushings and inside transformers. It also detects transients directly at the bushings to assess their impact on transformer health.

MONTRANO can be implemented at any time during the service life of bushings and transformers. It features a modular design, which allows it to be easly customized and expanded to match specific monitoring requirements. With the convenient web interface, users can view data at any time to determine the actual state of insulation.

In addition to its MONTRANO monitoring system for bushings and power transformers, OMICRON also provides customized monitoring solutions for other high-voltage assets, including generators, motors and power cable systems. All OMICRON monitoring solutions include onsite consultations to evaluate monitoring needs in addition to system installation, setup and training, as well as data evaluation support.



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