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Grid Monitoring Relay for Wind Turbine Power Connection to Grid

ABB has introduced a new grid feeding monitoring relay for wind applications. The new low-voltage grid feeding monitoring relay CM-UFD.M33, also known as the Grid Tie Relay, is a state of the art component that protects wind turbines from unstable grid activity or faults by disconnecting the electric energy source from the grid. The relay monitors voltage and frequency in single and three phase grids and trips the coupling switch when electrical values are not within set parameters. If a fault is detected, the grid feeding monitoring relay sounds an alarm, displays a message and signal the alarm cause to the control system.

"The main purpose of the Grid Monitoring Relay is to ensure proper connection of the wind turbine power to the grid at all times while taking into account safety, equipment protection and optimum power production,” said Allen Austin, Global Segment Manager for ABB Low Voltage Products Division.

This solution, which is also designed for solar applications, uses a UL tested and certified product that encompasses multiple functions in a compact plug and play package. Operating mode/status display, user interface, integrated protective functions, various control inputs and outputs, vector shift detection, interrupted neutral detection, automatic reconnection as result of false errors, test mode function with fault memory storage to assist in system trouble shooting and password protection for optimum security. It also provides visual status indication that can be connected to a PLC for remote monitoring.


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