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Dual-Display Wireless Phasing Voltmeter

HD Electric Co. has introduced the DoubleVision Dual Display Phasing Voltmeter. The DDPM-40 is a compact, high-accuracy wireless voltmeter and phasing set with capacitive test point mode and peak hold capability. The DDPM-40 will show the leading or lagging phase as well as the phase angle during wireless phasing operations.

The DDPM-40 measures voltage from 5V to 43kV and can be used in both overhead and underground applications. The DDPM-40 is accurate and repeatable to within 1 percent. The voltage is displayed on the two large bright LED displays that are synchronized wirelessly to make voltage measurements and phase identification easy, especially when working over a distance across switches. The DDPM-40 has a single button interface that controls all modes including: line to line measurements; line to ground measurements; capacitive test point; and real time & peak hold reporting.

The wireless phasing voltmeter is lightweight and its weather-resistant construction is ideal for use in tight work environments with minimum approach distances or with storm duty during disaster relief. There are several probes and accessories that can be added to enhance your work effort.

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