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Digital DC Hipot Boasts High Output-to-Weight Ratio

Digital DC Hipot Boasts High Output-to-Weight Ratio

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS has introduced the latest addition to our 800 series DC Hipots with the digital 880PL-DC. This new design boasts the highest output-to-weight ratio of any single-piece DC hipot on the market.

The 880PL-DC is controlled by an intuitive, user-friendly interface displayed on a large 7-inch color touchscreen. 880PL-DC users can now program hipot test sequences in Automatic mode or simply control the test voltage using Manual mode.

The 880PL-DC is also equipped with data acquisition software for exporting test results via USB. The 880PL-DC is outfitted with extensive safety features including external interlocks, built-in safety checks, visible and audible warning indicators, and an easily accessible emergency stop button to ensure safe operation under all circumstances.


  • Programmable output voltage, ramp rate, current limit, and dwell timer
  • IP67-rated case with wheels and adjustable handle
  • 7-inch color touchscreen with intuitive user interface
  • Digital metering with Analog or Digital Scales
  • Auto-ranging current meter

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