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Schneider electric

Arc Flash Protection System

VAMP321 from Schneider Electric is a protection system for low and medium-voltage distribution systems used to maximize the safety of personnel and minimize the damage to the installation in the most hazardous power system fault situations.

Modern society heavily depends on an uninterrupted supply of electric power. Prolonged power outages cause loss of business to the power supplier and loss of production to the power consumer. Regardless of how safe a power system is, faults do occur.

When traditional time-grading or blocking based protection coordination principle is used, it may not provide fast enough protection of substation faults. Further, high-impedance type earth-faults may cause prolonged operation times of earth-fault relays leading to the significant release of arcing energy.

Fast arc flash protection increases operator safety in case of an arc fault occuring in switchgear. The faster the operating time of the protection system, the lesser the damage caused by the arc fault will be.

Features include:

  • Modular structure for enhanced performance and functionality
  • PC configurable by the end-user
  • Event logs and disturbance recording for pre and post fault location analysis
  • Compatible with existing systems E
  • ngineered for the most demanding environments
  • Technology developed in cooperation with customers
  • Continuous supervision of sensors
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