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24/7 Remote Monitoring for Micro-AT Source-Transfer Controls

S&C Electric Co. has announced a new service offering that provides real-time monitoring of Micro-AT® Source-Transfer Controls through S&C’s Global Support and Monitoring Center. With this new service, S&C technical experts monitor up-to-date and historical information on the operational state of Micro-AT Source-Transfer Controls and the sources serving the equipment in order to help assure reliable electrical service to critical loads.

S&C’s Micro-AT Source-Transfer Controls are used around the world to provide automatic source transfer for critical customer loads. The control continuously monitors the condition of both a preferred and alternate power source, and initiates automatic switching to the back-up power supply when the preferred-source voltage has been lost or has been reduced to a predetermined level—restoring power to all loads in a matter of seconds.

With remote monitoring of the Micro-AT Source-Transfer Control, S&C’s technical experts can quickly identify issues affecting both the control and the sources serving the switchgear. If an issue arises, S&C’s Global Support and Monitoring Center is notified immediately and quickly helps the customer resolve the problem.

“The real-time information allows our technicians to spot if something is affecting the readiness of the source-transfer switchgear so we can immediately contact the customer to help,” says Kilpatrick. “This information, along with the historical event logs, then helps S&C’s technicians to quickly troubleshoot the issue, often over the phone and without the need to send a field technician.”

For security purposes, the remote monitoring system only allows S&C to see the state of the control, and does not allow for remote operation of the S&C Source-Transfer Switchgear. This means that only the customer has the ability to open or close their switches or control the equipment. The communication is conducted through a secure wireless network, which also eliminates the need to run costly fiber or wire to the equipment.

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