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Wireless Fault Indication System Reduces Fault-Locating Time

The E. O. Schweitzer Manufacturing Division of SEL (E. O. Schweitzer Manufacturing) will begin taking orders for its RadioRANGER Wireless Fault Indication System for underground fault locating in the second quarter of 2007. By displaying underground fault-path information on a handheld remote fault reader, the RadioRANGER allows street-level line crews to identify the location of an underground fault without leaving the truck.

"Fault locating in subsurface vault applications traditionally involved a time-consuming and expensive process of opening, ventilating, draining, and entering multiple vaults. In urban areas, where many subsurface vaults are located, now you can avoid blocking traffic and street hazards wherever you have subsurface vaults, and you’ll open only one or two vaults," said Dan Clifford, E. O. Schweitzer Manufacturing general manager. "The RadioRANGER solution provides a radio-based system for finding underground faults not only more quickly and safely, but with considerable cost savings as well."

RadioRANGER users benefit from the reliable technology of SEL fault indicators. The same fault indicators that utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives rely on today for consistent, accurate fault indication are available as part of the RadioRANGER solution.

Sample kits (three Underground AutoRANGER fault indicators with RadioRANGER Interface Probes, one wireless interface, and one remote fault reader) will be available in the second quarter of 2007.

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