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WEIDMANN Announces Strategic Partnership With LumaSense Technologies

Weidmann Electrical Technology has announced the strategic partnership with LumaSense Technologies based in Santa Clara, California. Weidmann insulates materials and components for high-voltage applications and diagnostic services for the energy market. LumaSense provides temperature and gas sensing solutions for the energy, clean technology and industrial markets.

With headquarters in Rapperswil, Switzerland, Weidmann Electrical Technology has for more than 130 years been an integral part of the global energy market, providing insulating material used in high-voltage power transformers as well as distribution transformers. In addition, WEIDMANN also provides analytical testing and specialized diagnostics important to power equipment users in the electric utility sector.

Throughout the world, Smart Grid initiatives are underway to modernize electric transmission and distribution systems. Smart Grid technologies are designed to bring the transmission and distribution grids into a new era of performance and reliability.

As a first step, WEIDMANN has formed a strategic partnership with LumaSense Technologies, a leader in clean technology sensors for measurement of gas, temperature, and other critical factors. With WEIDMANN’s vision of future intelligent substation equipment, enabled by sensors from LumaSense Technologies, reliable designs for transformer thermal management and other insulation monitoring systems will become a reality

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