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Web-Based Network Control System Supports the Management of Distribution Networks

Spectrum PowerCC from Siemens Power Transmission and Distribution Group (PTD; Erlangen, Germany) is a web-based network control system that works as an open system with the CIM data model based on international standard IEC 61970. With its modular architecture and its standardized interfaces, the network control system can be integrated in existing IT landscapes and enables savings in system administration, data updating and engineering.

The component structure supports configuration and use of the system and increases the service life of the system as a whole. With a comprehensive range of different applications, the control system increases network operating efficiency and can be adapted to the specific operational requirements of network operators.

The web user interface provides a reliable means of accessing the system from a car (mobile access), from an office PC or from remote workstations outside the control center. Mobile access to all relevant data via the Internet supports remote fault diagnosis and system administration, speeds the restoral of the supply after fault incidents and creates the basis for active participation in energy trading.

Spectrum PowerCC provides operators with a network management system that increases the reliability of the supply with its powerful applications for power system management and monitoring, and reduces operating and maintenance costs with its component structure.

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