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VLF AC Hipot Offers Tan Delta Cable Diagnostic Feature

The VLF-33E from High Voltage Inc. is a new generation VLF AC hipot that uses a solid state design with microprocessor controls. It meets the requirements of applicable world standards regarding cable testing up to 25kV class maintenance testing. It is light, com-pact, rugged, and portable. It also contains an integral Tan Delta cable diagnostic feature that requires no external parts, making it the simple and inexpensive TD.

Its sine wave output is suitable for using external PD detection equipment.Using a PD option, the VLF-33E is all that is needed for nearly all cable testing up to 25kV class. Easy to use controls. Programmable test sequences & manual control, USB port for downloading data and for unlimited test report capture, wireless computer interface to control and download Tan Delta diagnostics and for remote control operation via laptop.

Cable Standards met: IEEE 400.2-2004, IEEE 400-2001, NS 161-2004 VDE DIN 0276-620/621, CENELEC HD 620/621, IEC 60060-3

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