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Vanguard Instruments Releases 2 Transformer Turns-Ratio Testers

Vanguard Instruments Co. has added two new products to its family of transformer turns-ratio testers: the ATRT-03 S2 and the Tri-Phase.

The ATRT-03 S2 starts with the easy-to-use and thorough means of testing transformer ratios and adds a built-in tap changer controller. Getting readings from a 33 tap LTC is easy and quick. This unit also has a USB Flash Drive port for retrieving data and test plans via a memory stick. No need to connect a PC to the unit for test record retrieval.

The Tri-Phase supports the TTR industry with a true 3-phase voltage output design. By applying a 3-phase voltage to excite the transformer windings, the Tri-Phase can detect and measure turns ratios of any transformer type including phase shifting transformers which other 3-phase transformer ratio testers cannot. This unit also includes a tap changer controller and a USB Flash Drive port.

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