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Vacuum Switches Offer 30-Year Life Span

The VS Series vacuum switch from Maysteel combines the extended operating life and maintenance-free benefits of a vacuum interrupter with the insulation advantages of oil. The switch is designed to perform in excess of 30,000 operations and switch should last over 30 years under normal operating conditions.

The 24kV switch is a high-voltage single-phase switch and can be used to provide cost-effective three-phase capacitor bank switching on 23 kV ungrounded systems and 38 kV grounded systems.

An extended vacuum bottle gap, compared to competitive products, helps the switch achieve TRUE BIL levels; when the switch is open, the BIL rating is not reduced. Performance is not sacrificed, as the vacuum bottle is still good for at least 30,000 operations.

The switch is motor-operated and draws only 3 A vs. 12 A for equivalent solenoid-operated vacuum switches. The motor is more forgiving during poor power factor or low voltage conditions, operating properly within a voltage range of 100-130 VAC for a 120 VAC nominal secondary voltage system.
It offers the option of complete manual operation. An external power source is not required to close the switch manually.

The company offers direct replacement for all current and previously manufactured oil switches currently installed on pole-mount capacitor banks.

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