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Vacuum Recloser Directly Compatible with SEL 651R for Single Phase Tripping

The TriMod 600R from Joslyn High-Voltage is a 3-phase recloser with the ability to be programmed for 3-phase trip/3-phase lockout, 3-phase trip/single-phase lockout, or single-phase trip/single-phase lockout.

The new TriMod 600R is rated for 10,000 maintenance-free operations, up to 16 kA of current interruption, and up to 800 A of continuous load duty. The recloser features:

  • Single- and three-phase operation
  • Three-phase trip/single-phase lockout programmable
  • Long-life vacuum interrupters – no oil or gas
  • 10,000 operations with no maintenance
  • Field-proven solid dielectric insulation
  • Up to 16 kA of interruption ability
  • Up to 800 A continuous load duty
  • Replaceable current transformers with metal safety covers, providing a safety ground barrier
  • Optional removable side bushing option for elbow connection
  • Unique bladder assembly to eliminate moisture entry without heaters
  • SEL 651R-compatible
  • No electronics in the switch
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