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VacStat Vacuum Interrupter Monitor Now Available in VBM Capacitor Switches

The new VacStat vacuum interrupter monitor from Joslyn Hi-Voltage provides real-time monitoring of vacuum interrupters. If a loss of vacuum is detected it blocks operation of the switch, provides local indication and actuates a relay contact that can be monitored remotely.

This new technology is now available in VBM capacitor switches. Maintenance and operating costs are reduced because there is no question whether the vacuum is good. The indicator tells the operator if there is a problem and if the switch will not operate.

The VBM switches continuously monitor the vacuum interrupters; block electrical operation if a problem is detected, and offer local and remote indication of interrupter status.

The technology eliminates off-line routing vacuum interrupter inspections, increases reliability and reduces the risk of harm to employees, customers and assets.

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