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Utility Test Leads Provide Operator Safety

Utility Test Leads Provide Operator Safety

The utility test lead and probe kits from AEMC Instruments are designed to provide operator safety and long life use. Each kit includes 5 ft black and red silicone insulated leads terminated with right angle safety banana jacks at the meter end and threaded banana jacks at the measurement end to facilitate screw-on attachments.

Attachments include pencil probes, alligator clips, spaded lugs and grip probes. The use of screw-on attachments ensures that separation of the test lead from the measurement tip will not occur eliminating the cause of lost data and safety risk. Test leads, alligator clips, and pencil probes are 1000V CAT IV safety rated, grip probes are 600V CAT IV safety rated (spaded lugs are not CAT rated).

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