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Two-Part Tester Features Single Person Remote

Extech Instruments, a supplier of test and measurement equipment for the industrial marketplace, has announced its CT20 Continuity Tester Pro. This affordable test product features the unique capability for single person operation of wire and cable continuity checking and identification, eliminating the need for someone to be at both ends of the wires under test.

The CT20 is a two-part system consisting of the master Continuity Tester/Transmitter and a unique two lead, bi-color (red/green) LED Remote Probe. The master Continuity Tester/Transmitter is used for local continuity testing and remote wiring identification. Using the remote probe allows for single-person remote continuity testing when identifying cables, verifying polarity or labeling long distance wire/cable runs where the other end of the wires or cables are in a completely different area out of sight and sound.

The Remote Probe features a bright pulsating bi-color (red/green) LED that is visible even in bright daylight areas. The remote probe’s LED flashes green when wiring is properly identified and flashes red with wiring is reversed. The master tester features bright flashing LEDs and a loud pulsating beeper that can be heard over high background noise. This combination of the two parts allows a single user to identify up to three wires or cables at a time for correct labeling, with only one trip to the other end of the wire or cable location. Lightweight and pocket-sized, both parts of the tester feature alligator clips to enable them to hang from the cable(s) under test.

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