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Turnkey Substation Control System Offers Vandal-Resistant Enclosure

Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc. has announced the availability of POWERCORE, a new turnkey substation control system with a rugged, vandal-resistant enclosure. The system is available for permanent or mobile deployment in utility and industrial applications. The SEL Job Done solution includes all communications, automation, protection, and control equipment for new installations or for replacement of existing, site-built control houses.

Using a modified steel ISO 3874 container in two standard sizes (8 feet x 20 feet x 8.5 feet and 8 feet x 40 feet x 8.5 feet), this system can ship anywhere in the world via standard shipping methods.

SEL can accommodate customer preferences for equipment and design details, such as battery systems, protective relays, panel layout, and wiring practices. Versatile communications options are available, including Ethernet, wireless, and satellite. Satellite communication allows for remote diagnostics anywhere in the world.

POWERCORE uses an economical, space-saving design, saving 50 percent over older technologies. While having a compact size, the spacious interior is ample for testing and operations.

POWERCORE reduces field wiring and commissioning time and expense. A substation simulator tests protection and automation functions; wiring is complete and tested to the terminal blocks in the yard termination cabinet.

POWERCORE is a completely engineered solution, including customized panel design, in a rugged ISO enclosure, designed to meet the needs of transmission and distribution applications.

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