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'Troubleman’s Kit' Offers Complete Power-Quality Package

For supply side monitoring, the Power Monitors Inc. “Troubleman’s Kit” offers the iVS-2SX+ By-Pass Meter-socket Scanner. This self-contained device will record voltage and current data for up to 12 months and features single-cycle accuracy. It installs safely between the meter-base and revenue meter. Data are downloaded to a Windows-compatible PC for analysis with the included cable or may be downloaded into selected Palm PDA's using the PMIScan software.

For the load side, it features theiVP-2 scanner. This pocket-sized recorder plugs into a 120-V receptacle to measure voltage and the current from any device plugged into the scanner. Both of these scanners offer optional power, harmonics, waveform capture features. To complete the Troubleman’s Kit, PMI provides a high-impact plastic carrying case for the scanners and accessories.

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